January Featured Toastmaster: Joy Falk

Dr. Joy Falk is a seasoned member of Chapel Hill Toastmaster.

Joseph Joel Sherman was previously Vice President of Public Relations for Chapel Hill Toastmasters. He is the director of Business Tribes Management Consulting.

Joseph Joel: Why are you a Toastmaster?

Joy: I am a Toastmaster because Toastmasters affords  me a unique opportunity, a safe platform from which I can experiment with various approaches to communicate, to entertain, to teach, to touch people’s hearts.

Joseph Joel: What do you like about Chapel Hill Toastmasters?

Joy: I like the camaraderie, the mix of people, their intelligence, their easy laughter, their striving to become successful, and their support.

Joseph Joel: Do you have a favorite Toastmasters moment?

Joy: Some weeks ago I came to a meeting prepared to deliver a speech, but I was not really happy with it. Glenda gave an inspirational speech which inspired me and my speech was a success.

Joseph Joel: What are you looking to do this year in Toastmasters?

Joy: There was a time a few years back when I took a hiatus from Toastmasters and my skills became rusty.  I want to rehone those skills and even go beyond.

Joseph Joel: What goals to you have in Toastmasters?

Joy: I haven’t set any leadership goals except becoming more comfortable being the toastmaster at our meetings. To do that I have to study the requirements more carefully. I have a problem with constraints. My other goal is to finally finish my book.

Joseph Joel: Do you apply what you learn at Toastmasters to other areas of your life?

Joy: I apply what I have learned in Toastmasters to my life. Toastmasters was the second step in my journey to become a comfortable public entertainer. My first step occurred when I was in college . I was minoring in speech/drama. My teacher was asked to give a talk before a group. She asked me to take her place. That was my first professional talk. Since then and with the help of Toastmasters, Improv, Florida Studio Theatre, McCurdy’s Comedy classes, Clown College, entertaining at social events on cruise ships, and Alan Arkin I have given speeches, taught public speaking, presented seminars, given book reviews, done a eulogy, acted, etc.


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