November Featured Toastmaster: Pam McCall

Pam has been a Toastmaster since June 2009. She is the Director of Nursing for the Chatham County Public Health Department. Pam is a firm believer in the value of prevention of disease and disability through public health measures and personal behavior.

Pam lives in Hillsborough, N.C. with her wonderful husband of 28 years. They have two sons that have left the nest. In her spare time she loves to read, exercise and create jewelry and other crafts.

Joseph Joel Sherman is the Vice President of Public Relations for Chapel Hill Toastmasters, and the director of  Business Tribes Management Consulting.

Joseph Joel: Why are you a Toastmaster?

Pam: I joined Toastmasters to improve my public speaking skills and to increase my comfort level in general when speaking before a group. I have recently started working in a new job where I will be required to run meetings and give presentations. It was suggested to me by a business mentor that Toastmasters is an ideal place to learn and
practice in a supportive environment.

Joseph Joel: What do you like about Chapel Hill Toastmasters?

Pam: Chapel Hill Toastmasters has a diverse group of individuals that are very inspiring to hear speak but are friendly, encouraging and welcoming to newcomers. I have felt it to be a “safe” place to test myself, learn new skills and discover and develop skills I already have.

Joseph Joel: Could you please share a favorite Toastmasters moment that you especially enjoyed?

Pam: I was particularly moved by a table topics response delivered by a fellow Toastmaster. He expressed regret he felt for actions and attitudes at a particular time in his life and I felt he was truly expressing a heartfelt emotion. It was touching and very revealing and I thought it was a brave thing to do.

Joseph Joel: What speaking goals have you set as a Toastmaster?

Pam: My first goal is to complete the Competent Communicator manual. I am currently preparing my Icebreaker speech and I am reading the manual and online postings about speeches and public speaking.

Joseph Joel:What leadership goals goals have you set as a Toastmaster?

Pam: I want to achieve Competent Leader status and I am observing the club roles at each Toastmaster meeting. I am reading the Competent Leader manual.

Joseph Joel: Do you apply what you learned in Toastmasters to your work?

Pam: I apply many of the principles of Toastmasters in my work at every opportunity. I have much to learn but I am more conscious of my negative speech habits and I try to correct them. I notice other’s speech habits, both good and bad also.

Joseph Joel:  Thank you Pam.  I look forward to your next speech.


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